Persistent Widow

'Lost and Found' by Greg Olsen. Used with Permission.
“Lost and Found” by Greg Olsen. Used with Permission.

Gospel – November 16, 2019 – Luke 18:1-8

Jesus told his disciples a parable
about the necessity for them to pray always without becoming weary.
He said, “There was a judge in a certain town
who neither feared God nor respected any human being.
And a widow in that town used to come to him and say,
‘Render a just decision for me against my adversary.’
For a long time the judge was unwilling, but eventually he thought,
‘While it is true that I neither fear God nor respect any human being,
because this widow keeps bothering me
I shall deliver a just decision for her
lest she finally come and strike me.'”
The Lord said, “Pay attention to what the dishonest judge says.
Will not God then secure the rights of his chosen ones
who call out to him day and night?
Will he be slow to answer them?
I tell you, he will see to it that justice is done for them speedily.
But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”

I remember when my sister Carrie was dying of cancer. Her hope was to see her children grown. Her daughter Mandi was around 13-14. Her two sons were 6 and 4, I think. Far too early to be without a mom.

And so she prayed fervently for healing. But in between she would have people come and tell her she was doing it wrong. All of them good people but all of them pulling her in different directions. She would get discouraged an she would lose faith for short periods.

The parable of the Widow and the Unjust Judge is Jesus saying centuries before my sister’s illness that you can‘t give up hope. You know what you need. Focus your prayers on that need. Pray consistently. Never give up hope. To give up is to allow your life to fade away.

I miss my sister often. I used to think of her daily but now life so often takes away those moments. Part f it is that I have healed from that loss through grief. That’s what she’d want.

But I can’t help wondering – if she’d stuck with her prayer, her needs, would she have lost hope? Would her life had faded away from this world and from those of us who loved her?

At least that’s what I heard Him say…

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