Baby Sophia S

The Divine Wisdom Of God Is Sophia

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Gospel starts at 14:27
Homily starts at 16:05

So, I don’t need to tell you guys how fast life comes, how many changes come, and how close they can come together. I mean, 4 months ago, you find out that you’ve got this beautiful life that together your love has brought into being through God. And you have this joy, and you start looking at the future and start making all these plans and everything else. And then, the future changes.

But it doesn’t necessarily change for the worse. I told you guys yesterday at the hospital that I was going to be praying for you. I woke up this morning and I had these tendrils of a dream that I had dreamed last night. Its this beautiful baby girl playing in this beautiful garden.

When we hear that first reading, we hear about the fact that its not how long we have here, but its what happens while we’re here. Right now, we don’t know everything. You have no clue what Sophia has changed in the two of you – what God has planned for you in the future. But we know that there was a reason that Sophia was given to you.

The second one says that even though you may not know the name, so all these people who don’t necessarily get the chance to meet Sophia, and to be affected by her, doesn’t mean she’s not going to be changing lives. Because as she changed your lives, then you guys will be changing lives, and so she will be changing lives through you.

I really loved hearing the name that you chose for her. Are you guys familiar with Proverbs at all? It’s one of the least known books in the Bible. It’s the wisdom of God – Divine Wisdom. The Divine Wisdom of God is Sophia. It’s Greek, but it’s Sophia.  In Proverbs, Sophia talks about being there by the side of God at Creation. She played at His feet in the Garden. The fact that you chose that name – I don’t think it was an accident. I have no idea – maybe you’ve got family whose named Sophia – but God does what God does. And I think that’s why we hear about Sophia.

And then, of course, the Gospel today is Jesus at the Last Supper. And He knows He is going to be leaving. I can just imagine Sophia wanting to not have your hearts break at this time. And I would imagine she would be trying to do exactly what Jesus was trying to do for His apostles. Trying to prepare them because nothing ever ends here. There’s always the future that we get to look forward to – that time when you and your future children will get to meet Sophia face-to-face, just as you meet God face-to-face.

Think about the fact that Jesus is saying even though He is going to have to leave them, its not goodbye. He’s not leaving forever. He’s just moving ahead. That’s what Sophia has done. She’s going to be up there. She’s going to be preparing a place for you guys for whenever your time to come. And what a joyful reunion that will be!

Wisdom! Divine Wisdom! The only time in the Bible we get to see any part of God referred to in the feminine. But its definitely “she” when we talk about Divine Wisdom. Sophia is the Divine Wisdom of God. Take great joy in what time you did have her. Remember to support each other. Remember to be in communication. Kristine, you have to tell him, because guys – all we want to do is fix stuff. So, Justin is going to be waiting for you to tell him what you need to fix. Tell him, “I just need you go hold me. I just need you to say, ‘I love you’, and I just need you to be here. I don’t need you to fix anything. Because that’s what He [pointing to the Crucifix] does. He fixes it.


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